Our Employees

Allan Nishita

Millie Nishita


When I started working at FRS, I knew it would be challenging.   I was ready for the challenges ahead.   My favorite quote from Drake: “Started from the bottom now we here.”

My favorite part about working at FRS is the staff and all our customers. They make it easy for me to wake up early every day and come into work.  I just love what I do here.

My favorite products are the glass vases.  Every flower needs a vase!

I am a spontaneous and fun person.  There is always room for improvement so I try to better myself every day.  Other than that, I guess I’m just your average guy loving my job.

Customer Service/Merchandiser

I started working at FRS in July 2013. My favorite part about working at FRS is meeting and helping customers.  We have the best customers and the friendliest staff.

My favorite products are the silk botanicals, because the quality is amazing.  The customers really love them because they are so real looking.

I love to cook, garden, hike, and spend time with family.


I started working at FRS in July 2012. The building was empty and needed a lot of cleaning inside and out.  I remember getting soaking wet from power washing the walls and floors.  It was so nice to cool off because it was in the 100’s.  Now the place is clean, aisles are fully stocked, and bustling with customers.  We have come a long way.

My favorite part about working at FRS is thinking of new and creative ways to use the products we sell.  It is always rewarding when customers stop and admire our displays.  There are many people with great creative talents working here.

My favorite products here are the permanent botanicals.  They look so real customers often don't realize they are artificial. I especially like the succulents, the detail is incredible.

I am a friendly and fun person.  I can also be creative, when time allows I enjoy making displays and arrangements for our store. If I am not working, you will find me in the outdoors.  If I could, I would be on the golf course every day.

Accounting/Customer Service

At FRS, I perform accounting functions and establish new accounts, but a variety of duties also has me helping with graphic announcements and recording the voice for our after-hours phone messages - good or bad.

As one of the original team members, I have been part of the inevitable confusion of breaking ground on a new business, but also the great excitement of witnessing a vision come to fruition.

Walking through our warehouse is like stepping up to the candy counter.  The colors and product designs are so exciting, and there is always something new.  Currently the cobalt blue vases and assorted tin toppers are calling to me.

I am quiet person yet observant and caring. Our intimate setting at Floral Resources Sacramento provides our customers with a positive and stimulating shopping experience.

Customer Service/Receiving

I started working at FRS the day before 4th of July, 2012.  I remember washing racks and getting ready to move equipment into an empty warehouse.

My favorite part about working at FRS is helping customers and seeing FRS grow every day.  Every one cares about each other; it’s my second family.

My favorite product is the moss covered dachshund.  It makes me laugh every time I see it.  I also really like the snowman holding the giant basket of cupcakes.  There are so many cool things in this building.

I am hard-working, honest, and self-motivated. I treat people the way I want to be treated.

Customer Service/Merchandiser

My favorite part about working at FRS is talking to customers and giving them ideas on how to use our products.  I also enjoy teaching techniques on floral design and building seasonal displays to inspire.

I love getting new products and learning how to design with them. I love all the natural and organic products, like our moss line.

I have a horticulture and art background.  I am outgoing and love engaging people.  I am also a self-taught floral designer with 30 years of experience