Accent Decor Advantage Program

accent decor advantage

Accent Decor products are among the most sought after items in the floral supply industry.  Floral Resources Sacramento stocks some of their items on a regular basis like their beautiful Elise Stand and unique Essence vases.

Floral Resources Sacramento is now offering the Accent Decor Advantage Program in which our customers can access the full Accent Decor catalog and save even more money on their purchases.

The Accent Decor Advantage Program allows Floral Resources Sacramento to pass along lower price points on Accent Decor products and eliminates freight charges.

Floral Resources Sacramento places regular bulk orders with Accent Decor.  If you talk to one of our friendly salespeople and preorder any Accent Decor products, we will include your order with our bulk order.  Floral Resources Sacramento is then able to pass the savings on to you!

With our Accent Decor Advantage Program, you can get the Accent Decor products you need at a significantly lower cost to you.  Plus you get the added benefit of working with our friendly and knowledgeable salespeople.

Please contact Floral Resources Sacramento today at 916-504-3597 or 888-505-2205 to get further details and place your order.